DIGEL move – Move to remember

Hello my friends !!

Yaa yaa i know, it’s been a long time. Miss you a lot <3

Today i’m back with an exciting project !!!! I am very happy to announce to you that i was chosen for the campaign DIGEL move for the parisian version. I had a really great day with the Digel team and my influencer friends.

The day started with a meeting in a bar in Paris, drinking some cool cocktails ….  and after the adventure started !

The drink was fresh, the discussions was very amusing and rich of cultural exchanges, and a ride was imposed to enjoy the weather and of course with our outfit 100% Digel move.

After one hour of walking, photos and videos, it’s time to eat.
The restaurant was really nice, a Parisian atmosphere and the food was very delicious.

So After a long day of work it’s time for us to party a little bit and enjoy the beauty of Paris from a rooftop with a magnificent view.

This night was really a night to remember ;), thank you so much @digelmoveofficial.
Talk to you soon !!
Bisous xoxo

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