Hello beautiful people!!

How’s life ??
I’m good I’m good 😀

You know why I love my job ? Of course cause i like having lots of clothes 😛 …
 » Style isn’t made over night. It’s an accumulation of daily decisions that you take, every time you
leave the front door of your house. Even though your outfit of the day seems like a
small decision to make today, it is your everyday clothing, which will eventually define
the look that you’re known for having.  » MDV Quote 😉
Today i’m wearing a total autumnal black/blue look, all by ZARA except shirt & bonnet it’s a vintages ones.

Hope you like.
Have a good week <3

Photo 18-10-2015 22 39 54

Photo 18-10-2015 22 44 17

Photo 18-10-2015 22 42 33

Photo 18-10-2015 22 40 42

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